Cambridgeshire's Radical Sportscars knows a thing or two about making full-on race cars for the road, and the company has come to Goodwood with a new, 350-horsepower, Ford EcoBoost-powered lightweight weapon to show off. Meet the fully street-legal Rapture.

In certain Christian circles, the Rapture refers to the moment when true believers will rise up out of their clothes and into heaven, making heaven a very naked place indeed. But thanks to Radical, the Rapture is now something you hop into, rev up and slay a set of corners with, with your clothes still on.

In the grand tradition of previous Radicals – not to mention other track-focused road cars like the Ariel Atom 4 – the Rapture is designed for light weight, acceleration and wild handling. The Rapture's space frame, composite bodywork and complete lack of creature comforts help keep the weight down to a manageable 1,687 lb (765 kg).

Its tuned-up Ford EcoBoost engine, making 350 hp and 320 lb-ft (434 Nm) of torque, handles acceleration, taking the Rapture from standstill to 60 mph (98 km/h) in three seconds flat, and to 100 mph (161 km/h) in 8.4 seconds, on the way to a limited top speed of 165 mph (266 km/h), which is probably more than fast enough for an open-top with no windshield. You will eat more bugs than a Harley rider in this thing, and no hairstyle that's not set in concrete will survive a motorway blast.

The transmission is a six-speed paddle-shift scenario with an auto-blipper on downshifts to match revs perfectly before dumping you back into gear. Handling is handled by a fully adjustable Nik-link system, with interchangeable anti-roll bars and adjustable dampers from Intrax Racing. There are lots of aerodynamics to play with, including an adjustable rear wing and diffuser to go with a gigantic front splitter you could sit around at lunchtime.

Don't expect to feel coddled, though. Comfort has been bumped a long way down the priority list. From the molded race seats, to the bare cabin and giant air intake trying to suck your brain out through one ear, the Rapture is all business. There's a heater and a 12-volt socket, and you can electrically adjust the mirrors, and that's all you're getting.

So don't plan any long trips. Indeed, you should plan the shortest practical trip to a racetrack where you can throw this thing around like it's been built to be thrown. Radical is taking orders now, with a starting price of £89,500 (US$112,600) plus taxes.

The video below provides a taste of the Radical Rapture.

Source: Radical

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