January 30, 2008 Humans love grass - an obsession that sees us spending an inordinate amount of time and effort tending to its needs. If you don't mind the time part, the Evatech GOAT radio-control mower can certainly help reduce the effort inherent in keeping your lawn manicured – and its hybrid petrol/electric motor gives it the power to pull a fertilizer spreader, climb 45 degree inclines, or even operate as a snowplow in winter.

The Evatech GOAT isn't the first labor-saving lawnmower we've looked at, or the most high-tech. That honor would have to be shared between the Husqvarna and Robotica Zucchetti robot mowers we've previously profiled, which are able to automatically navigate their way around the back yard, keeping the grass clipped regularly while dodging around trees and obstacles and even self-charging.

The GOAT is, however, the first hybrid driven lawnmower we've seen, and it can be operated by anyone with the ability to drive a radio controlled car. It can be driven along without the 22" blade in rotation as a safety feature, and because its motor is so strong, you can attach spreader and snowplow attachments to make it a multipurpose tool.

The sticker price of USD$3499 is pretty steep for a mower, but then it just might be worth it if you can wave to your neighbor from your deckchair as they struggle to push a standard mower around.

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