Ram Truck has unveiled a new multifunction tailgate for the Ram 1500 pickup truck that directly takes on the MultiPro tailgate from GMC. The multifunction tailgate from Ram opens downward, splits to open to either side, and can be used while a trailer is attached.

Like a standard drop-down tailgate, Ram's new option features dampened resistance for a smooth drop to open, and an easy lift to close. It can also split to open sideways, with the left side swinging about 60 percent of the tailgate to the driver's side of the truck, and the right side opening the other 40 to the passenger's side. This 60/40 split opening allows the sides to open independently or together in that 88-degree side swing.

Ram also added a new below-bumper step that lowers down to allow easy step-in for the truck bed from the rear of the pickup. The side-opening option allows a forklift to load something into the back of the Ram pickup without requiring sliding the load forward or putting the tailgate in danger.

The new multifunction tailgate, Ram says, is trailer-friendly, "unlike other multi-element tailgates." That latter quote is a ding against GMC, whose MultiPro, which we reviewed on the Sierra Denali pickup truck, does not allow most of its functions while a trailer is attached for towing.

Ram says that the multifunction tailgate will be available on all 2019 Ram 1500 models starting in the second quarter of 2019 at a suggested retail of US$995, plus $295 for the optional below-bumper step.

Source: Ram Truck

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