Raser to unveil 100 mpg SUV at SAE World Congress in Detroit

Raser to unveil 100 mpg SUV at SAE World Congress in Detroit
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April 9, 2009 Raser Technologies will unveil a 100+ mpg SUV at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress later this month. The vehicle will be powered by Raser’s E-REV powertrain and was developed in conjunction with Raser’s integration partner, FEV and an as-yet-unnamed global automaker. The full-size SUV is a four-wheel drive Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) designed to achieve over 100 mpg in typical local daily driving with near zero emissions by driving up to 40 miles per day in all-electric mode.

Just one year ago, at the 2008 SAE World Congress, Raser announced it was developing an E-REV powertrain for use in full size SUVs and light trucks and had teamed with a leading OEM to build a demonstration SUV. This highly anticipated vehicle, featuring Raser’s electric powertrain, is now in road testing and will be unveiled and on display at this year’s show. In addition to SUVs, the powertrain is sized for application in many popular light trucks.

Michael Mantion
isn't the marginal electricity generated by natural gas power plants. How can this really be 100mpg when you use mostly electricity that is generated by natural gas. I could convert my car to CNG, cut out the middle man and say my car runs for every on no gas.. How lame. Now if we used nuclear in the US then it would be something but we don't, because were idiots.
Ted Selker
Power generation from cng ( 50 -%), Transmission losses (87-%), final transformer on poll at your house (75%-), power supply for charger (90%-), charging discharge efficiency (nickel metal hidride worse than 66%, lithium some claim amazing numbers), car power supply (90%-), electric motor (90%-) =.237% without the charging inefficiency of metalhidride or contacts... This is NOT more efficicent than internal combustion even with my optimistic numbers.... WHERE DO THESE PLUG IN NUMBERS THAT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT COME FROM...GM CLAIMED AN AMAZING NUMBER LAST YEAR....