Surfers looking to transport their boards to the beach on two wheels could take inspiration from Deus ex Machina's Honda Super Cub, but those wanting to go emission-free may find the Cruzer of interest. The cafe racer/board tracker-styled e-bike can be supplied with a surfboard cradle, and will make its Eurobike debut next week.

Aesthetically somewhere between the Ruffian and the Avionics e-bike, the Cruzer's rear wheel hub motor comes in 250 watt or 1,000 W flavors, the latter being more suited for off-road adventures. Maker Rayvolt says that its retro e-bike can provide electric assist up to 45 km/h (28 mph), but the model making its way to next week's Eurobike expo in Friedrichshafen, southern Germany, has been speed-restricted to 25 km/h.

Lockable housing low in the steel frame contains Samsung Li-ion battery packs in 48 V/10.5 Ah/567 Wh or 48 V/22 Ah/1,134 Wh sizes. Rayvolt offers a smart charger or fast charger, and the option of a PV-packed bike cover that can top up the Cruzer's battery pack while it bakes in the sun. Regen braking should also help eke out more juice from the battery.

A proprietary control system connects to the rear hub via Bluetooth, allowing the rider to adjust pedal assist, check speed and keep an eye on battery status using an app running on a paired smartphone or using a dedicated control unit with 4.5 inch HD touch display. The control system can also activate the Cruzer's anti-theft system.

The e-bike's frame comes in two sizes – 1,294 or 1,466 mm (51 or 58 in) from front wheel hub to rear – and two wheel sizes are also available, 24- or 26-inch. Elsewhere, there's front and rear LED lighting, disk braking and a thumb throttle to get riders moving without pedaling.

Interestingly, Rayvolt uses only solar power during production, which adds to the e-bike's green appeal. The Rayvolt Cruzer Eurobike model is available in orange, green or gray for €2,700 to €3,500 (about US$3,000 to $4,100), depending on configuration. Have a look at the promo video below to see the e-bike in action.

Source: Rayvolt

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