RAZRWire - fashion sunglasses with a built-in BlueTooth headset

RAZRWire - fashion sunglasses with a built-in BlueTooth headset
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February 17, 2005 Motorola and Oakley have unveiled a new line of premium Bluetoothwireless technology eyewear designed to keep consumers comfortable and connected. Named RAZRWire, the sunglasses free the wearer of wires and allow active users to quickly answer or place calls with the touch of a button - a hands-free kit for when you're not in the car. The unique features of RAZRWire include Oakley's comfortable, lightweight frame made of O-Luminum, a durable alloy that is 40 percent lighter than titanium. The Bluetooth module adds less than 20 grams.Available in three frame colours RAZRWire was developed to meet the needs of Oakley's active consumers seeking seamless mobility, offering them an integrated easy-to-use design.

For cyclists, skateboarders, rock climbers, golfers - practically anyone who is active outdoors - the innovative eyewear encourages hands-free connection while on the go.

RAZRWire includes patented XYZ Optics, an innovation that maintains razor-sharp clarity at all angles of vision.

RazrWire enables wire-free communication up to 30 feet from a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with talk times that can last up to 6 hours. The RAZRWire is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 technology, supports headset and hands-free modes and has an embedded microphone

RazrWire is expected to be available in Q3 2005. Pricing and product availability will vary with region.

The news of the RAZRWire sunglasses comes hot on the heels of two other announcements for wearable electronics using Motorola's BlueTooth technology.

Motorola showed several new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in january including a jacket, a helmet and a beanie, each with compelling functionality for snow sport enthusiasts. There was also a motorcycle helmet designed with Momo.

Bluetooth-enabled jacket links a rider's cell phone and/or iPod with an imbedded system operated via an easily removed control module on the jacket sleeve. Stereo speakers are built into the hood of the jacket and a microphone is embedded in the upper section near the collar, allowing seamless, unobtrusive wearability and playability. Elements can be swapped between products, used as stand-alones and removed and reinserted easily.

Helmet and Beanie - Bluetooth technology built into the helmet and beanie keep riders connected to their music and wirelessly to their phone. When the modules are removed from the helmet and beanie, they can double as a stereo headset.

Motorola believes the greatest technological advances are made to make everyday tasks easier. For snowboarders, using a cell phone or an iPod in cold temperatures can be a significant challenge. With these new products, Motorola and Burton will allow snowboarders to overcome extreme conditions through their innovative designs and improved technologies, making the snowboarding experience on the mountain that much better.

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