Ever since home automation systems were invented, manufacturers have been looking at ways to integrate the technology into the busiest room of the house – the kitchen. But apart from the original Internet fridge (with its frightening price tag and lack of functionality) useful products have been few and far between. Not to be deterred, Anvil Motion has created a kitchen where, by choosing say, the ‘baking’ scene on a touch panel remote control, the cupboard doors slide vertically to reveal the oven, the utensils, the ingredients and the recipe books … all in unison.

While this kitchen doesn’t make the meal for you or load the dishwasher, it does plenty of things to make living that much easier.

Anvil Motion has designed their kitchen cabinetry with a unique appearance and functionality. To operate the cupboards manually, just tap your fingers or graze your palm against the luxurious finish and the cabinetry responds – with intelligent technology - by gently opening or closing.

What is striking about this kitchen when you first see it is unusual cupboard draw-stack layout. Forget about century-old styling where cabinets have opened with a hinged, swinging motion. Anvil Motion’s doors and panels rise and fall vertically with precision, concealing or revealing contents.

Program your cabinets

Using a wireless touch-screen device, cabinets can also be programmed to open in unison or individually through pre-programmed scenes that customize your living space.

The technology includes an option for biometric security (fingerprint recognition software) that can help child-proof cupboards which house prescriptions, sharp objects, cleaning products and valuables.

Other features include an 'intelligent memory' that senses the need to close multiple drawers and reverses the opening order, and the ability to program cabinets to close as you exit the kitchen.

Anvil Motion says it can integrate your smart kitchen with your home’s automated lighting, HVAC, security and media systems to provide a unified automation experience.

But where’s the "bring me a cold beer" button on that remote?

Check out the video of the working kitchen.

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