With the age of production electric vehicles still in its relative infancy, it’s not surprising to see new records being claimed on a fairly regular basis. The latest company putting its EV on the world record podium is Renault, which is claiming the world record for the longest distance traveled in 24 hours by a production EV.

The record-breaking drive took place on June 1, 2012, on the speed ring at the Aubevoye technical centre (CTA) in Normandy with two of the French automaker’s ZOE electric vehicles setting out at 4:00 pm local time. Over the next 24 hours, fifteen drivers took turns at the respective wheels, recharging the vehicles as necessary.

When the clock ticked over to 4:00 pm on June 2, one vehicle had traveled 1,506 km (935.78 miles), while the other completed 363 laps of the speed ring to achieve a total distance of 1,618 km (1,005.37 miles), bettering the previous record of 1,280 km (795.35 miles) by some 25 percent. An official was on hand and Guinness Book of Records homologation is pending.

Over the 24 hour period, the ZOE setting the new record was fast charged 18 times. Fast charging allows the vehicle to regain 80 percent on its battery capacity in under 30 minutes and makes use of Renault’s patented Caméléon charger that is compatible with any power socket up to 43 kW.

Source: Renault

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