Canadian craftsman Konstantin Mazin runs MazinCraft, a Vancouver-based company specializing in high-end custom timber interiors and home theaters. He recently launched a line of mid-20th century-style hi-fi-enabled TV consoles under the MeiliAudio name, which should be great if they sound half as good as they look.

Mazi's MazinCraft business has a reputation in Vancouver and beyond for beautiful woodwork, but this isn't just a cabinet maker who's bolted a couple of speakers into a pretty box. MeiliAudio is a dedicated company staffed by audiophiles and specialist engineers.

Crafted from walnut, each unit is handmade according to the customer's specific requirements, so don't expect to grab one off the showroom floor just yet. The cabinets are fully CNC-machined and come with their own set of power amps, set up to suit the room the unit is intended for.

MeiliAudio's isn't the most comprehensive product line we've ever seen just yet, with just three designs currently available. This includes the ST-80, an elegant, floating console. This 200-watt unit features a passive radiator bass system, measures 119 x 16 x 17 in (302 x 41 x 43 cm) and is designed to be mounted on a wall.

The floor-standing SB-70 console comes in at 119 x 19 x 17 in (302 x 48 x 43 cm) with its built-in speaker system rated at 160 watts, leaving the SM-70, which looks a bit like an old '50s HMV integrated stereo. It measures 78.5 x 31.5 x 17 in (199 x 80 x 43 cm) with a 240-watt powered speaker system.

The company is obviously going for quality over quantity, which is reflected in pricing that starts at US$9,000. According to Mazin, units can be built and delivered in around two weeks.

Source: MeiliAudio

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