Rezvani has made a name for itself unleashing one powerful beast after another onto the streets. Now it's preparing to set a new beast free in the roadless wilds. Rezvani's first utility vehicle promises to be a rugged, off-road-centric body-on-frame 4x4 in the vein of the Jeep Wrangler or Land Rover Defender. It seems the company really should have saved the "Beast" name ... because this one looks like the definition of an angry, untamed animal ready to shred rock into rubble.

Rezvani has no interest in watering down its image by jumping on the small urban crossover bandwagon. Its utility vehicle is military inspired and not meant to be at all confined by the walls of a concrete prison. In fact, Rezvani fancies it the "toughest extreme utility vehicle on the planet." The company teased the new model today, and it will clearly be a boxy 4x4 with an upright windshield and a flat roofline that eventually angles slightly down into a squared-off rear-end. Curves are few and far between.

The teaser pictures don't show everything, but they do show slab sides that bulge out at the flared fenders. The front fender muscles rise up above the otherwise depressed hood edges, lending a serious sense of strength around the wheels. The headlamps and grille appear to be wrapped in a neatly unified face, with some serious intakes sucking in air farther down.

It all looks a little messy and disjointed in the shadows, but we'll see how it plays out when the lights turn on. Rezvani is saving the full details for when it's ready to hit the "on" switch, but it has said that its SUV will be a body-on-frame with plenty of ground clearance and on-demand 4x4. It'll also have four doors and five seats, with two engine choices on offer, along with the option of bulletproofing.

Rezvani is now taking US$1,000 reservations and advertising late-2017 deliveries, but we'd think folks would be better served by waiting to see the truck make its full debut first. In the meantime, you can compare Rezvani's present work with its still-shadowy future in the photo gallery.

Source: Rezvani via Motor1

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