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Rollator - the treadmill that takes you places

Rollator - the treadmill that takes you places
The Ooms Rollator ... finally you can get somewhere on a treadmill
The Ooms Rollator ... finally you can get somewhere on a treadmill
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The Ooms Rollator ... finally you can get somewhere on a treadmill
The Ooms Rollator ... finally you can get somewhere on a treadmill
You can run (or walk) but you can't hide on the Rollator
You can run (or walk) but you can't hide on the Rollator

If you like treadmill exercise but are tired of running up and down on the one spot, or find you don’t have enough time to exercise because you’re constantly wanted elsewhere, this piece of equipment could be the answer. Looking more like a cross between a walker and a treadmill, why not "ride" the Rollator to your next appointment? It's is also ideal for people looking for a low impact way to exercise in the great outdoors but don’t fancy themselves as cyclists.

Though not designed for those who feel self-conscious in public, the Rollator treadmill on wheels puts your exercise energy to good use and gets you places while you get fit. Plus it’s a zero emissions vehicle.

The Rollator uses a special three-gear drive system to multiply your walking efforts and increase your pace, which gets you to your destination quicker than simply walking under your own steam.

The rolling treadmill measures 51.2 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches (130 x 60 x 100cm) but we're not sure if it folds up to fit under your bed when you’re not using it. And if you like retro, just tell your friends it’s Fred Flintstone’s Segway.

The Rollator treadmill is project by design company Oooms. It's not available for sale just yet, but give it time ... and it could soon be appearing on a TV shopping channel.

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Leg Wagon

cannot let this go by without saying there´s a cheap alternative, a built-in accessory we all have, called ´legs´. Used properly this accessory will do things to you for the cost of a pair of running shoes and pants that will have you ´flabbergasted´whitin a week. Guaranteed. No need for anything else exept will and conviction.
I´ve been wondering lately at all the gadgets that have been mentioned in Gizmag and other locales which are meant to move us around locally, and with every gadget I wondered ´whatever happened to our legs´, is it such an awful thing to have to walk, or God forbid, R..U..N.. to anyplace a mile away? Or for that matter 5 miles away? Do we really need to re-invent legs? Do we really need batteries or mecanisms to move our butts around?
The gadget shown here is probably a joke but just think about this urge to move around by any other means than using our body.. its absurd, wasteful, and pointless in the end.
Lets go for a walk.
Gary Ares
The creativity of mankind never ceases to amaze me.
Here\'s another idea that is healthy as well.... how about we get the US government to help stimulate the development and use of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) - aka Electric Bicycles?
This is actually very simple because it just takes changing the number of stored power (battery) from the current level of 2.2kW to about .5kW so that an electric bicycle will quality for a rebate now given to larger electric motorcycles and scooters (that no one can afford!!!).
For more info on electric bicycles please visit my blog; http://velorep.com/velochef
I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I saw the video. The feeling that I had when I saw it moving was complete joy and the thought was ('That actually works?'). To me its less invention and more form of art. The treadmill, the device that lets us simulate running or walking outdoors inside and not moving, is turned into the motive force to propel an outdoor exercise vehicle. I mean on a purely symbolic form it speaks volumes, and the fact that it works and does what it is intended to do makes it plainly awesome.
After visiting the Oooms site (Gizmag you missed an 'o') its quickly evident that the purpose of the Rollator is definitely art. The artists are gifted however and browsing through their 'projects' reveals their talent in engineering. Snooty art-critics always said that a car can never be a form of art because a car can be driven. If a car is art then it would have no other purpose than being art. Oooms studio blurs the line a bit by creating working but not practically functioning pieces of 'art'.
At one point Engineering was more about 'art' than you would think. I feel I am of the old guard and getting ideas built is as much about creativity and vision as it is numbers and simulations.
<i>Ed note: ooops, so we did. Thanks Duke, now amended</i>
Good invention, but I highly doubt how practical it could be. It looks like more fun, I show it to my friend who is sales manager in lifespanfitness.com.au, He just reply very quickly with that \"why would the guy run on the road with his legs, what\'s difference?\". But I\'m not say to deny the effect that you paid for, but it seems not mature enough to be exercise equipment, you should aim to toy or recreation fun.
Ha, h look at this thing and try not to laugh...
Notice that he moves... a -lot- farther and faster for the walking (not running) effort that he is expending. It -is- silly, but he does go... it\'s a walker-faster ;)
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Haha ...good idea, but not really for people, they need a rollator ;-)