If you like treadmill exercise but are tired of running up and down on the one spot, or find you don’t have enough time to exercise because you’re constantly wanted elsewhere, this piece of equipment could be the answer. Looking more like a cross between a walker and a treadmill, why not "ride" the Rollator to your next appointment? It's is also ideal for people looking for a low impact way to exercise in the great outdoors but don’t fancy themselves as cyclists.

Though not designed for those who feel self-conscious in public, the Rollator treadmill on wheels puts your exercise energy to good use and gets you places while you get fit. Plus it’s a zero emissions vehicle.

The Rollator uses a special three-gear drive system to multiply your walking efforts and increase your pace, which gets you to your destination quicker than simply walking under your own steam.

The rolling treadmill measures 51.2 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches (130 x 60 x 100cm) but we're not sure if it folds up to fit under your bed when you’re not using it. And if you like retro, just tell your friends it’s Fred Flintstone’s Segway.

The Rollator treadmill is project by design company Oooms. It's not available for sale just yet, but give it time ... and it could soon be appearing on a TV shopping channel.

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