As anticipation builds for the release of Rolls-Royce's upcoming "high bodied" SUV, the company has been putting out a series of videos documenting its final stages of testing.

Starring mildly insufferable National Geographic photographer Cory Richards, the videos place the gigantic luxury off-roader in a series of beautiful and extreme landscapes. And while the car is still covered in ugly camouflage paint, the videos do give a sense of its capabilities.

Here's a few worth checking out.

In this short film, the car (codenamed Project Cullinan) is driven up a hill in the Scottish highlands:

In this short film, the car is driven off the edge of a several hundred foot sand dune:

In this short film, Richards is driven through a river and encounters some cows:

And in this short film, the Roller is fanged about in the dunes some more:

We can probably expect further videos in the series to follow Richards to the Arctic Circle for extreme cold weather testing that may be of relevance to up to five potential customers.

Still, while it's short of a winch, chunky BF Goodriches or even a bull bar, it does look like this gigantic thing might actually be able to party a little bit off the beaten track. We're not sure exactly who short of a Sheik would want to try that with a Rolls-Royce, but perhaps it's nice to know you can.

Source: Rolls-Royce

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