We've already seen a few bicycles – such as the Varibike and Raxibo Hand-Tret-Velo – that are intended to provide riders with more exercise and more power output by having them pedal with their legs and arms. Germany's Ruder-Rad, however, believes that a two-wheeler is too unstable a platform for that kind of four-limbed locomotion. That's why it's introducing the recumbent Ruder Trike.

Instead of the circular arm-cranking motion used on the Varibike, the Ruder Trike has its user "rowing" the handlebar column in and out. They can pedal with their legs at the same time, or do either method on its own.

The base S version is equipped with components such as Shimano Tiagra and Deore front and rear derailleurs (respectively), a 3 x 9 drivetrain, Tekro disc brakes, and Schwalbe tires. It weighs in at a not-insignificant 23 kg (50.7 lb), and sells for €3,990 (about US$4,486).

The GT model is basically the same as the S, although it has a 28-inch rear wheel instead of a 26 incher. It's also a little taller, and tips the scales at 25.2 kg (55.6 lb). It's priced at €4,250 ($4,779).

Both versions should be available starting this winter (Northern Hemisphere).

Source: Ruder-Rad

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