Apparently those two new Galaxy Gears that Samsung announced the other day weren't the entire story. Today the company announced its first fitness tracker, a wrist-based device called the Gear Fit.

Unlike the more watch-like Galaxy Gear series (which now includes two Tizen-based watches along with 2013's Android-based original), the Gear Fit has an elongated and curved display. That Super AMOLED screen measures 1.84-in with 423 x 128 resolution. The device is very light, weight in at just 27 g (0.95 oz). It has an interchangeable strap, which will be sold in black, orange, and mocha gray colors.

The band includes the expected health-tracking software along with pedometer functionality. Like the Galaxy S5, it also has a heart rate sensor on board. Unlike most dedicated fitness wearables, though, it also pushes notifications from your smartphone, including third-party alerts from non-Samsung Android apps. Unfortunately the Gear Fit's compatibility is, like the Galaxy Gear, limited to Samsung Galaxy phones. So if you own an Android handset from another company (or for that matter, an iPhone or Windows Phone), it looks like you'll be left out of the fun.

Like the Galaxy S5, the Gear Fit will be launching globally in April. We don't yet know about pricing, but it will be interesting to see how it compares to rivals from companies like Jawbone and Fitbit.

Source: Samsung

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