Samsung's recently announced Portable Induction Hob is a new appliance that aims to bring some style and user-friendliness to even the smallest of kitchens. Aside from being the first cooking hob offered in different colors, the new device will sport a compact design and and soft, rounded shapes. The most interesting feature is the interface, which features an iPod-like touch wheel for adjusting the heat level and other settings.

The single-burner hob was recently selected as a winner in the 2012 iF Design Awards for its slim, ergonomic feel. The images here show the Capri Blue style, but the hob will also be available in what Samsung describes as Ruby Red, Mint Green, Stylish Black, and Cream White.

Samsung's new appliance also features an iPod-like groove touch wheel, that allows users to change the heat level easily by drawing a circle with their finger. The hob includes some additional functions to make cooking easier, including a pan detection system, 15 different power levels, and automatic settings to boil water or just keep food warm. It also incorporates a few safety features, such as an anti-overflow system, a child safety lock, and residual heat detection.

Price has yet to be confirmed.

Source: Samsung

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