Since 2018, Samsung has been grabbing eyeballs at various conferences around the world with its massive modular display dubbed The Wall. Starting out with a 146-inch model at CES last year, Samsung upped its game at CES this year with a 219-inch version before outdoing itself just a month later at Integrated Systems Europe with a 292-inch behemoth. Now you'll be able put one of those 292-in monsters in your living room, providing you've got a wall big enough to accommodate it.

The Wall is built using Micro LED display technology, which is different to the LED-backlit LCDs used in the current crop of commercially available TVs. Rather than an LED backlight being transmitted through an LCD panel as is the case with so-called LED TVs, the individual pixels of the Micro LED display are made up of individual LEDs – much like stadium scoreboards, just on a smaller scale.

The technology has the advantage of producing perfect blacks and an infinite contrast ratio because the individual pixels/LEDs can be turned off completely, just like in OLED displays. However, getting the LEDs micro enough for such a display has been difficult, but now that Samsung has managed it, the company is looking to recoup some of its R&D investment.

From next month, The Wall Luxury will be available globally. The modular nature of the technology, which allows screen sizes to be scaled up with the addition of more Micro LED modules, means Samsung will offer the TV in a variety of sizes and ratios, staring at 73-inch displays offering 2K resolution, up to a gargantuan 292 inches in 8K.

With 8K content still a little thin on the ground, and even 4K content likely to have some rough edges at 292 inches, The Wall Luxury features AI upscaling, along with Quantum HDR technology for peak brightness of 2,000 nits and a 120-Hz refresh rate. The display also packs Samsung's Quantum Processor Flex, a machine learning-based engine that is designed to optimize picture quality scene-by-scene, regardless of the source.

Samsung is claiming a 100,000-hour lifetime for the display's LEDs, which works out to about 11.4 years if you leave the display on 24 hours a day – and that's just what Samsung expects, saying "The Wall is designed to never turn off." When you're not using it as a TV, the display goes into Ambient mode, serving as a digital canvas displaying everything from paintings and photographs to video art. And if the bevel-less infinity design (which is just 30 mm deep) doesn't grab you, the display can also be fitted with a customizable frame to suit your room's décor.

There's no word on pricing just yet, but expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of a luxury car for The Wall Luxury.

Source: Samsung

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