Spanish brand Seat has provided a glimpse into its future styling direction with the 20V20 Concept, an SUV with a coupe-style roofline and broad range of TDI and TSI engines under the hood.

The 20V20's coupe-like sloping roofline and sharply-creased flanks have been designed to make the car look sharp and sporty, in spite of its practical raised ride height. SEAT is claiming the 20V20's interior will offer over 600 liters of luggage space and highly versatile seating. SEAT is also keen to mention that its designers have used high-quality materials like natural leather, aluminum and dark glass, while programmable displays make up much of the car's infotainment system.

"Design is already one of the most important reasons for buying a SEAT, and [we] intend to build on that strength, along with technology," says Jürgen Stackmann, SEAT's Chairman and SEO. "Many details of the 20V20 will be evident in future production models."

Measuring up at 4.66 meters (15.3 feet) long, the 20V20 has been designed for the tight streets of Europe's cities, although on 20-inch wheels its stance leans towards that of a big car, not a small hatchback.

As a part of the Volkswagen group, SEAT has access to a broad range of petrol and diesel powertrains for its cars, and it claims that petrol engines offering up to 220 kW (295 hp) and diesel motors producing up to 176 kW (236 hp) would be available on the 20V20, supplemented by a plug-in hybrid.

In keeping with the raised ride height, the 20V20's power is transmitted to all four wheels through the Volkswagen group's DSG gearbox.

The 20V20 is on display at the Geneva Motor Show, where Gizmag is on the ground covering all the action.

Source: SEAT

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