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Seat-less bike design promises fitter children

Seat-less bike design promises...
Julia Meyer's Taurus bicycle design
Julia Meyer's Taurus bicycle design
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Julia Meyer's Taurus bicycle design
Julia Meyer's Taurus bicycle design

The “Taurus” is a futuristic bicycle concept from Julia Meyer which promises to keep kids fit through its seat-less design. The forward-leaning configuration means you stand on the bike in the optimum position for giving your leg muscles a solid workout as well as ensuring correct posture.

The upright stance is assisted by angled handlebars and the pedaling action is more like operating a stepper machine than a traditional bicycle.

The back wheel hub of the bike also stores the energy generated by pedaling which can be called upon when you get to the next steep climb and a readout on the bike shows the amount of energy created and stored with the aim of encouraging kids to pedal harder.

Designed specifically for children, the Taurus is designed to be easily transported in a car as the handlebars and wheels can be removed.

Via: Yanko Design

Michael Crumpton
Also known as a scooter.
Lee Bell
I have 8 grand kids and I guarantee not a single one of them would want to ride that thing more than 5 minutes. This thing looks like it was created by some really sadistic parent.