See’s Eye 2 Eye - an inexpensive Teleprompter plus an added level to webcam communications

See’s Eye 2 Eye - an inexpensive Teleprompter plus an added level to webcam communications
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January 18, 2007 Oregon-based Bodelin Technologies is best known for its ProScope HR handheld USB microscope and more recently, its ProPrompter teleprompters., but the company’s latest offering could see it become far more prominent in the future. Using its proprietary teleprompter knowledge and design experience, Bodelin has created a simple yet ingeniously designed product that is useful to any budding video podcaster and adds a new level to video chatting. The US$100 See Eye 2 Eye slides over any external webcam or built in laptop webcam and reflects the window of the person you are chatting with onto a two-way mirror (beam splitter) over your webcam. The result is that you look directly into the camera while looking at the person you are chatting with. Add a text document and your script is reflected in your See Eye 2 Eye and you have an inexpensive teleprompter. No software needed! As telecommunications of all flavours converge, it will become increasingly important to present a professional image via your computer presence - this is hence an important enabling tool for the coming era of ubiquitous telepresence.

See Eye 2 Eye also works with professional and consumer video cameras positioned right behind the computer screen. With a See Eye 2 Eye on both ends you can finally chat eye to eye instead of eye to forehead. Bodelin currently makes two versions. One for external webcams and video cameras and another for built-in laptop webcams (Apple, Sony, HP). See Eye 2 Eye weighs only 14 oz. and is specially designed to quickly move on and off your computer whenever you need to chat or record your script for your video blog.

View gallery - 6 images
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