Segway x2 enables a faster round of golf

Segway x2 enables a faster rou...
The Segway x2 Golf
The Segway x2 Golf
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The Segway x2 Golf
The Segway x2 Golf

November 7, 2006 Once billed as the future of personal mobility, the Segway has certainly had its fair share of trials and not many tribulations, but another of its many benefits surfaced this week in respect to its viability as an alternative to the golf kart. The Segway x2 Golf features a bag carrier, as well as a scorecard holder and special low-pressure tires that enable the x2 Golf to travel gently, causing less damage to the turf than a golf cart. In announcing that the Tiburón Golf Club at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida would be the first in the country to offer the Segway x2 Golf to its clients, club officials had some very complimentary things to say after the club had conducted three months of testing. A typical round of golf at the course usually takes at least four hours, but the Segway’s zippiness enables 18 holes in less than three hours. Whatsmore, players who use the Segway products also find that it’s easier to talk because all four players can travel the course side by side, rather than having to split up into two separate golf carts.

The Club will have eight Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) in use at the Greg Norman-designed championship gold course from next month. Visitors to the 18th annual Merrill Lynch Shootout at Tiburón will have the opportunity to see and try the Segway x2 Golf over the next few days.

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