This Valentine's Day won't just mark the time of year when people the world over scramble for heart-shaped candy and restaurant reservations - it's also the release date for the highly-anticipated Twisted Metal video game on the Playstation 3. The game features crazy vehicles decked out with weapons all trying to destroy each other, so what better way to promote the occasion than by unloading a machine gun into an ice cream truck like one featured in the game? Rather than just doing it themselves, however, the promoters of the game have set up, a website that will let users take a shot at the truck remotely using their computers.

The Twisted Metal series is known for its action-heavy gameplay and oddball cast of characters, so really this is a pretty fitting promotion for the game. Promoters have driven an ice cream truck that looks like one from the game into the middle of the desert and aimed an M249-SAW machine gun at it, that is connected to a computer.

When goes live on Feb. 14, users will be able to activate the gun through the internet just by hitting their spacebar. The site will run for two days while users send over 100,000 rounds of ammo into the truck until it explodes (the website hints that there will likely be an explosion one way or another). is currently letting people sign up for the event through either Facebook or Twitter.

Check out the video below to watch the game's eclectic producer, David Jaffe, explain how it will work in his own expletive-laden way; and sign up to take your own shot at the truck at the event website.

Source: ShootMyTruck

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