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Siemens showcases new fast drying dishwashers at IFA

Siemens showcases new fast drying dishwashers at IFA
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At this year’s IFA (the world's largest Consumer Electronics trade fair) in Berlin, Siemens unveiled its new speedMatic dishwasher featuring Zeolith drying technology for speedier drying times. The triple-A energy efficiency rated dishwasher can complete a standard 50C program in just 125 minutes or use its varioSpeed function to reduce program time by a further 50%.

The new speedMatic utilizes the special properties of the zeolith mineral to absorb moisture and convert it into energy in order to dry dishes faster and more efficiently. Taking their name from the Greek zein – to boil and lithos – stone, Zeolites are a very species-rich family of silicate minerals that appear in nature in numerous forms. They can serve as catalysts, water softeners or drying agents, and are used in heat storage devices or in “self-cooling beer barrels”. Zeolites have provided people with benefits for many years. Now, the developers at Siemens have discovered the mineral for their dishwashers.

Within each dishwasher’s interior compartment resides 1.15 kilograms (around 2.5pounds) of zeolite. The new system is deployed during the dishwasher’s drying phase and warm, humid air is conducted from the interior compartment downward into the zeolite container. The mineral absorbs the moisture and thereby releases heat energy. The now hot, dry air is redirected into the interior compartment and dries the dishware, glassware and utensils much faster than the condensation of standard dishwashers. The standard program uses only 0.97kWh of electricity and by activating the energySave button, the speedMatic dishwashers can reduce energy consumption by an additional 15% to 0.83kWh with a 140 minute cycle. The new intensivZone function dissolves stubborn residue on pots and pans with 20% more spray pressure and a higher temperature in the bottom rack. The wash program for the upper rack remains unaffected and works as gently as desired for delicates such as glassware.

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