May 6, 2008 Smoke alarms are an absolutely essential household item, and although we've seen some clever innovations in recent years including units that talk, models that clip onto light fittings and even plans for smell based alarms to aid those with hearing impairments, most designs remain a bit of an eyesore when it comes to complementing modern decor. The Silhouette™ by Kidde is looking to change this impression by virtue of its sleek, low-profile form that aims to better blend in with its surroundings.

Apart from its half inch profile, the AC- powered Silhouette smoke alarm also features a sealed lithium back-up battery that will last the life of the unit and automatically recharge itself after a power outage. It can also be linked to other devices to create an interconnected system.

The Silhouette has a limited ten-year warranty (the period after which smoke alarms should be replaced according to The National Fire Protection Association) and Kidde also plans to add a low-profile carbon monoxide alarm to the new product line later this year.

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