The Silhouette, by Wind River Tiny Homes, makes the most of the available view where it's located in Vermont – using two large windows in the living room, a circular window in the bathroom, and many smaller windows, as well as skylights. The towable home also features some nice interior additions, most notably a small gym area.

The Silhouette measures 26 ft (7.9 m)-long and is based on a triple-axle trailer. Its exterior is clad in cedar and weathered steel. A copper outdoor shower can be swiveled to the side when in use and its small porch can be folded away when the house is towed.

The interior is finished in shiplap and Wind River Tiny Homes really nailed the rustic cottage look it was clearly going for. The home isn't fully furnished in the photos, but a small reading nook is positioned next to a wood-burning stove in the living room, as well as lots of shelving.

The gym area nearby is quite simple. Two brackets support a barbell, while gymnastic rings hang from the ceiling. An exercise mat is also laid out.

Further into the home, the Silhouette's kitchen has a butcher block countertop, fold-down table, and a farmhouse-style sink that can be covered with a cutting board to increase food preparation space. Elsewhere, there's a cooker, as well as a washing machine.

A door leads from the kitchen to the bathroom, which contains toilet, sink and large shower, the latter positioned in front of the circular window – presumably the house will be installed in a rural area of Vermont so prying eyes aren't an issue.

Storage-integrated staircases are hardly new in tiny houses but this one looks like it has a particularly large amount of storage space, which is always welcome. It leads up to the Silhouette's only bedroom, which features a queen-sized bed, some storage space and a skylight.

The Silhouette gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and hot water comes from an electric on-demand water heater. Lighting is LED throughout. The home shown is already sold but Wind River Tiny Homes will make another for US$89,500, as pictured.

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