The barbecue grill comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and fuel types, but the basic layout tends to be the same: a horizontal grate set over top a heat source. Copenhagen Trade thinks it's time to blow that mold up and replace it with a three dimensional grill box that cooks food from the sides, as well as the top. The Silo Grill gives grilling a new dimension.

When we say that grill layouts are the same, we're talking about the grill you'd expect to find on the deck of the typical suburban home. Take a walk down your street and you can probably count dozens of flat grate-over-heat source grills within the first block or two.

That doesn't mean there aren't alternative configurations out there, though, and one of them is the vertical grill. Vertical grills come in a variety of styles, including the meat toaster (like the Ronco Ready Grill), the wall-o-charcoal and, of course, the Shawarma spindle at your local kebab takeout.

The Silo Grill is quite different from all of those and every other vertical grill we could find. It's a compact tabletop grill with an inner charcoal chamber and outer body designed to hold kebab skewers close to the vertical walls of heat. The T-shaped skewer holders accommodate both single- and double-pronged skewers and allow for rotation and even cooking. A small grate on top of the Silo gives you extra cooking space and allows you to cook foods that require a flat surface.

In addition to providing a pretty cool centerpiece and a more social grilling experience, the Silo Grill is designed to offer several advantages. The vertical design cuts down on flare-ups and also appears to make for easy, no-starter fluid lighting – instead of piling your charcoal carefully in a kettle grill or putting it in a chimney starter, you drop it into the Silo's chamber and light it through a hole in the side, letting physics do the rest. A drip tray makes for easy cleanup.

Copenhagen Trade is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money it needs to put the Silo Grill into production. The grill is offered in three sizes for pledge levels starting at DKK950 (approx. US$142), a discount off the estimated retail pricing base of DKK1,450 (US$225).

Take a closer look in the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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