California e-drum maker Simmons has released a new flagship electronic drumkit named the SD2000 Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit. As well as offering players a realistic bin bashing experience thanks to expressive mesh drum pads, the kit also has multi-zone crash and ride cymbals, wireless hi-hat foot controller and a sound module packed with vintage and contemporary acoustic kit sounds – all mounted to the company's durable aluminum rack.

"This is the most advanced electronic drum kit we've ever made," said brand director Jim Norman. The SD2000 is the first Simmons kit to sport tension-able SimHex mesh pads, which offer variable attack response and can be adjusted to suit personal playing positions.

The pads shape up as an 11-inch snare with three hit zones – one at the center and two at the rim – for more flexible triggering, three 9-inch dual zone toms and a 9-inch kick drum with a non-slip stand. Also mounted to the anodized aluminum Hexx rack is a 13-inch dual zone crash cymbal with choke, a 15-inch triple zone ride cymbal and a 12-inch hi-hit that's controlled by a wireless foot stomp.

The Simmons Signature Sound Library at the heart of the module grants access to a host of vintage drum sounds capture using era-specific recording techniques for extra authenticity, as well as contemporary kits, world percussion instruments and a curated collection of Simmons classics. Players can add their own samples to kits in the library, too, and kicking off patterns and loops is also possible, as well as dynamic filter, resonance and decay control.

A large color LCD display for settings and sound selection dominates the e-drum sound module, and there's a mixer to control volume, EQ and pitch. A USB port caters for playback of WAV/MP3 files for practice or performance. And players can record their sessions as WAV files for later critical evaluation.

The SD2000 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit carries a street price of US$1,299.99 for the basic setup, with an additional $299.99 landing you an extra floor tom and another crash cymbal. The video below demonstrates what's on offer.

Source: Simmons

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