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Skype coming to LG and Panasonic HDTVs

Skype coming to LG and Panason...
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You might already have Skype on your iPhone, PSP, or desk phone, but 2010 looks to be the year of Skype on your HDTV, with Skype-enabled HDTVs from LG and Panasonic in the pipeline for a Spring release.

These HDTVs will feature a built-in 720p webcam and a microphone designed to ensure you don't have to shout, or get off the couch, for Grandma to be able to hear your voice. HD video functionality has been added to Skype in the latest 4.2 beta, enabling 720p video at 30 frames per second, and there is a range of peripherals available from the Skype Store that allow older computers to encode and decode the HD video in real-time without breaking a sweat - including hardware from FaceVsion, who we talked to at IFA 2009.

If you're keen for a Skype-enabled HDTV and want to be kept up to date with developments, you can follow @skypeonyourtv on Twitter.

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Why doensn\'t Panasonic team up with Apple to make a real iTV? All the functionality of the iTouch on a 54\" LCD? Hooked to a LAN cable, you can do all the stuff as you can on the iTouch, while sitting on the couch with an IR remote.