One of the biggest problems when traveling is how to pack everything from clothes to laptops to gym gear – and maybe even a wrinkle-free suit – into one bag. The Slicks Travel System created by Flink claims to solve that issue with a modular design that lets you pack according to purpose.

Starting with the basic Slicks backpack, users get a bag that comes with sleeves and pockets for storing their laptop, phone, shoes, and bulky items like headphones. Adjustable shoulder straps and a hip belt can be detached and stowed inside the bag. A series of interior pockets let you keep other items separate, while multiple straps keep everything inside in one place.

While these features may not set the Slicks apart from other travel backpacks, the availability of different inserts to add functionality according to your travel requirements does.

The Suit Cover insert lets you pack a suit or blazer and pants inside the bag while keeping them wrinkle-free. Add the Tripcover and you essentially have a bag within a bag that serves up multiple compartments, along with a removable dopp kit that can either be stored inside the bag or on the exterior for easy removal at security check-throughs.

Add the Suit cover and Tripcover for the full business travel option, and the Slicks Travel System can be used for a combined business and leisure trip. The system also comes with a reflective rain cover that stays stored in its own compartment, and an outside handle that lets you carry the bag like a suitcase with all of the straps stored away.

Flink is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to help bring the Slicks Travel System to market. To date it has raised over US$155,000 of the original goal of nearly $80,000. Early backers can get the Slicks pack only for $179 and the full Slicks business travel option for $258. If all goes as planned, Flink plans to start delivering the Slicks Travel System bags by this September.

The Slicks Travel System joins a number of other bags claiming to provide travellers with similar options, such as the Fugu, Jurni and G-Ro.

Check out the video to see how to the Slicks Travel System works.

Source: Kickstarter

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