Rider visibility is an ongoing issue for those who prefer motorcycles as a means of transport. SignalWear is addressing the problem with the development of what it is touting as the first "smart" motorcycle gloves.

Created in response to a motorcycle accident experienced by company co-founder Troy DeBaca, SignalWear's Lane Changer gloves feature built-in LED turn indicators that are activated by pressing your thumb to your forefinger, palm or handlebars. Press again to turn them off. The gloves are also motion-activated, so a twist of your wrist bringing your hand vertical to the road turns on the LEDs – twist the other direction, and that turns them off.

Those features alone don't necessarily make the gloves smart, since there have been similar products – like the Zackees – which were instead aimed at cyclists.

The real smart elements of the Lane Changer gloves are actually features that will be included if the company reaches certain flex goals in its current Kickstarter campaign. One such element is called SignalBox, which allows each glove to blink when you toggle your motorcycle's turn signals. The addition of that feature will depend on the company meeting or exceeding a US$100,000 flex goal.

If SignalWear hits a flex goal of $250,000, it will also offer its patent-pending smart signal technology called Navigators – a heads-up, hands-free GPS navigation system that will sync the Lane Changer gloves to the company's SignalWear app. Input your destination in the app, and the gloves will vibrate and light up to guide you there. The app will also track your trip, so you can save it, send it or share it on social media.

SignalWear launched its KickStarter campaign earlier this month with a goal of raising at least $25,000. Early backers can pledge $99 for a pair of Lane Changers, which is a $50 savings off of the expected retail price. Delivery is estimated for August, providing the company meets or exceeds its fundraising goals.

To find out more about the SignalWear company and the Lane Changer gloves, take a look at the video.

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