It's not often you get the chance to own a home designed by a leading architecture firm, but a recent collaboration between Snøhetta and Norwegian purveyor of leisure homes Rindalshytter makes it possible. The Gapahuk cabin comes in prefabricated kit form and can be configured to operate on or off-the-grid.

The Gapahuk takes its name from a simple Norwegian shelter sometimes built by hikers to sit out rough weather – the same shelter that inspired Cabin Ustaoset. Inside, there's a total floorspace of 90 sq m (968 sq ft) available, all laid out on one floor.

This floorspace is divided between three bedrooms (one master and two slightly smaller), a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, an additional WC, and a large common area that includes kitchen, lounge, and dining table. There's also a covered porch and plenty of storage space for outdoors gear, wood, and the like.

Though all we have are a few renders to judge from, the layout and design seems well thought out, and the combination of simple unfinished wood and generous glazing lends a luxurious vibe.

Snøhetta is keen to stress that the Gapahuk is both flexible enough to be installed practically anywhere and tough enough to stand up to Norway's challenging weather.

The firm also says the cabin's sloping roof provides protection from high winds and sun, and that the roof is ideal for mounting solar panels for those who wish to go off-the-grid.

We've no word on what other off-grid tech is available, but with heating duties handled by a wood-burning stove, it should be a relatively simple matter to add composting toilets and water tanks, for example.

The Gapahuk is available to purchase now in kit form, starting from 1350,000 NOK (roughly US$156,598), not including construction.

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