The Sonos Controller has just undergone a makeover. Like the CR100 before it, the new controller will allow you to effortlessly manage music throughout your home but instead of controlling the action using a scroll wheel and buttons, the new Sonos CR200 now has a 3.5in capacitive touchscreen, full-color VGA 640 x 480 LCD display with LED backlighting.

Providing your home is decked out with all manor of Sonos ZonePlayers, the new CR200 (just like its predecessor) will allow you wireless control over your music. But now the touchscreen interface, housed in a desirable aluminum case, makes its operation a lot slicker.

Also like the CR100 it has a light sensor so that the backlighting adjusts to ambient light and a movement sensor, which wakes up the controller when it's picked up. A major new feature is no longer a need to return the unit to the factory for a battery refit if the charge runs out. This model allows you to replace the batteries yourself.

The CR200 benefits from being smaller and lighter too, measuring 2.9 x 4.5 x 0.7in. (72.9 x 115.5 x 17mm) and weighing just 6.7oz (190g). It also comes with a separate charging cradle.

The new CR200 controller is available from the Sonos website for USD$349.

Alternatively, while stocks last, you might want to pick up the old CR100 controller for the special price of USD$249.

And now there's also a free app that turns an iPhone into a fully-functioning Sonos controller.

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