In some products, connected features seem forced. One place that they really make sense is in fitness, where the ability to track data can actually make a noticeable difference in performance. A new entry into that space is called Sophia, and it brings smart features to the humble skipping rope.

Like other devices in the smart fitness market, Sophia wirelessly connects to a user's smartphone and has a companion application that lets the user go back and look at their performance. Users can see all kinds of data through the app, including calories burned, number of jumps, and fitness goals.

Another interesting feature of the app is the ability to challenge friends. This is a feature designed to help motivate users to keep working out. After all, no one wants to let their friends beat them, even at something as simple as jumping rope.

The actual jump rope itself features a small LCD screen on one of the handles which allows users to quickly see the number of jumps without having to stop and pull out his or her phone. This allows users to focus on exercising without taking unnecessary breaks.

Speaking of the handle, Sophia features a shape that is designed to fit into the palm of a user's hand. While traditional jump ropes feature cylinder-shaped handles, the shape of this one looks like it could be more ergonomic, though it's tough to say without actually getting hands on with it. When not in use, the shape of the handles allows them to click together, making the rope easier to carry it around.

FitFox Ltd is seeking funding on Kickstarter for Sophia. It's still a ways away from its €28,500 (US$32189.33) goal, but it has a lot of time left in its funding period. Backers who want to preorder a smart jump rope for themselves can do so for a minimum pledge of €29 ($32.75) while the early special lasts. From there, the price jumps to €39 ($44.05). Provided the goal is met, the team plans to ship to backers in May.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information and shows Sophia in use.

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