Motorized actioncam stabilizing rigs are becoming increasingly common, although most of them are hand-held affairs. The GoPro-specific StabCam is a little different, however, in that it can be attached to any existing GoPro mount. As an added bonus, it can automatically track a moving subject.

The 3-axis StabCam fits all models of GoPro Hero, provided they're kept in their housing. Because it works with GoPro mounts, that means it could be mounted on a helmet, suction-cupped to a car, stuck on the end of a pole, or ... you get the idea. It's also "weatherproof," so snow and rain shouldn't be a problem.

Power is provided by a removable (and thus swappable) battery that's reportedly good for approximately two hours of pitch, yaw and roll-compensating action.

As with some drone cameras, it additionally has a Follow Me mode. In this setting, it will lock onto a moving person's smartphone, using that phone's GPS and accelerometer data to gauge their whereabouts. It will then pan and tilt the camera, in order to keep them (or their phone, at least) centered in the shot.

The designers of the StabCam are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign, in order to raise production funds. Backers will be able to get a unit for a pledge of US$179, as opposed to the planned retail price of $279 – assuming the funding goal is met.

If you'd like to be notified when that campaign launches, you can register via the link below. Footage shot using the StabCam can be seen in the following video.

Source: StabCam

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