When it comes to gimbal-stabilized HD cameras, we're used to models that are attached to control handles, or that are mounted on drones. What if you want one that's just a stand-alone unit, though? Well, that's where the Stacam comes in.

First of all, some self-contained smartphones and actioncams do already offer a limited amount of built-in image-stabilization. It's typically done digitally, however, meaning that the camera actually zooms in a bit on the captured image, reducing its sharpness. Although bulkier and mechanically more complex, gimbals don't have this problem, as they simply move the camera in order to compensate for the shakes.

Developed by a group of Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs, the Stacam takes the sort of tiny gimbal-mounted 4K/30fps camera you'd expect to see on a DJI Osmo Pocket, and instead puts it on a small cube with a GoPro-compatible mount on the bottom. Users can then utilize existing GoPro mounts to stick the thing on a helmet, handlebars, their chest, or anywhere else that they feel it belongs.

Additionally, a clear acrylic housing allows the Stacam to be taken underwater to a maximum depth of 40 meters (131 ft).

An iOS/Android app is used to adjust the camera's settings, or to remotely control it, via Wi-Fi. Along with regular-motion video, it can also shoot 1080p/120fps slow motion, time lapse, and 12-megapixel still photos. One four-hour charge of its battery should reportedly be good for two hours of shooting, with MP4 footage being recorded onto a user-supplied maximum-128G SD card.

If you're interested, the Stacam is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$99 will get you one, with shipping estimated for September – assuming it reaches production.

Source: Kickstarter