E-bikes have plenty of appeal for those after environmentally-friendly ways to get around town, but a friendly price tag isn't often part of the picture. E-bike builder Stark is on a mission to offer folks more reasonably priced options, and is set to launch a pair of new electrified models that squeeze some impressive capabilities into a relatively affordable package.

Sweden's Stark first piqued our interest last year with a folding e-bike that could be bent in half for airline (or other means of) travel. The newly revealed Stark Drive Torque models stay true to this with a similar hinge mechanism built into tube, allowing the same level of convenience for those mixing and matching modes of transport.

Also onboard is an impressive suite of technological tidbits. The Stark Drive Torque comes equipped with a chip for NFC communications, fingerprint unlocking that can be shared by various people, and an 18 Ah battery pack with USB ports and wireless charging capability to keep mobile devices topped up.

The standard version of the Stark Drive Torque packs a 250 W mid-drive motor that offers 80 Nm of torque, with pedal assistance up to a top speed of 42 km/h (26 mph). But for those after a bit more grunt, the company is offering a far beefier version it calls the Stark Drive Torque Max.

With a monstrous 1,000 W Bafang Ultra Max motor and thick off-road tires, the brawnier Stark Drive Torque Max offers 160 Nm of torque and can reach a top speed of 62 km/h (38 mph) before the pedal assist cuts out.

Both pack nine-speed Shimano gearing, while other features include adjustable suspension and disc brakes for greater stopping power. Stark says that the range of both models will be more than 100 km (62 mi), and that pricing for the standard version will begin at $999, which is certainly a friendly figure in the world of e-bikes. Pricing info for the Stark Drive Torque Max is not yet available, but Stark plans to take both to Indiegogo in August to raise funds for production. You can sign up for updates at its website below.

Source: Stark Drive

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