Due to house prices in London being what they are, some shrewd firms are looking to turn even the smallest space into a viable home. With this in mind, Studiomama has transformed a tiny former minicab (taxi) office into a full-time home using clever custom furniture and interior design.

No prizes for guessing the size of the aptly-named 13 Sq Metre House (139 sq ft), but to put it into perspective, there's around half the floorspace of most tiny houses we see nowadays. Naturally, Studiomama had a real job on its hands to make the north London dwelling livable.

Collaborating with local firms Commission by You and Viaduct, Studiomama drew inspiration for the interior layout from caravan and boat interiors and outfitted the home with custom plywood furniture units.

Most of the interior is taken up by a single space which has everything but the bathroom. Furniture and storage units are arranged along the walls and include a Murphy-style drop-down bed that reveals wall shelving and a neat dining booth that can be extended in length to seat more guests. Additionally, a small standing desk extends outward from a shelving unit.

There's some storage space in the home, including a wardrobe and shelving units. It also includes a small kitchenette, while a door leads to a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

Though obviously not for everyone, the 13 Sq Metre House actually looks more comfortable than you might expect, judging from the photos at least. The decor helps a little with this and seems nice and light, as do the decently-proportioned windows on the home's front.

The 13 Sq Metre House was bought at auction by Studiomama then renovated over 10 months. Completed in January, it's currently rented out to a young professional.

The movie below, filmed and edited by Suzie Joyce, shows the designers talking about their interest in small living and some of the thinking behind the design.

Source: Studiomama

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