Subaru selling made-to-order, race-ready rally cars

Subaru selling made-to-order, race-ready rally cars
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January 5, 2007 There was once a time, and it wasn’t very long ago, that going rallying meant having a detailed knowledge of every aspect of construction and repair. As major manufacturers become more adept at catering to an array of marketplaces, those manufacturers with a proud sporting heritage are beginning to make complete race cars available, and Subaru Australia is now offering a complete service to race drivers, producing a range of custom motorsport vehicle packages based on the popular Impreza WRX STI spec.C – the Group N FIA homologated car developed by Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan. Customers can order the car to any desired specification, from the base Impreza WRX STI at AUD$69,990 (US$55,000) to the full Production World Rally Championship (PWRC) version at AUD$195,000 (US$153,000). So now all you need an ingenious support crew and someone crazy enough to sit beside you and read you instructions while you point the 230 kW projectile at the horizon. Finally, just to be clear, the WRC cars of Solberg and Atkinson are a slightly higher spec again – if they were available, they’d cost US$1.5 million apiece.

Subaru Managing Director Nick Senior said: “We’re catering for a broad spectrum of motorsport drivers, from committed enthusiasts to professionals with team backing looking for PWRC success.

“The Impreza WRX STI spec.C is an incredibly flexible package that can be tailored for everything from Targa events to gravel rally. There’s a long list of options and we believe there’s a dedicated audience that we’re keen to cater for.”

Every variant is fitted with an FIA homologated multi-point roll cage, race seats and harnesses.

They include:

Subaru base motorsport - AUD $69,990

* Ideal starting point for both gravel and tarmac motorsport * Fire extinguishers will meet safety requirements for most circuit and Targa events

* Can be run with standard spec.C suspension package and engine tune

Subaru Tarmac - AUD $87,990

* Ideal entry-level car for race or Targa events

* Ready to race, with safety equipment installed

* Subaru Motorsport tarmac suspension package and race tuned engine with Motec ECU.

Subaru National Tarmac - AUD $125,990

* Blueprinted engine and Subaru Motorsport suspension kit

* Offers real bang for your bucks on the racetrack or Targa stages

* Turn key (ready to race)

Subaru Factory Tarmac - AUD $160,000

* The ultimate Subaru tarmac rally vehicle as used by the Subaru Motorsport factory team

* Factory tune and differentials

* Subaru Motorsport active centre diff program

Subaru Gravel Rally – AUD $92,990

* Ready to rally, designed to be competitive in any club or state competition

* Full underbody protection and proven gravel suspension package

Subaru National Rally - $128,990

* Incorporates technologies refined by Subaru’s decade of dominance in the Australian Rally Championship

* Ready to rally with engine and differential tuning

* Subaru Rally Team Australia suspension package

* Full underbody protection and driver and co-driver rally accessories

* Includes gravel rally suspension and carbon fibre lightweight parts

Subaru PWRC - AUD $195,000

* Built to full Subaru Motorsport factory specification

* Subaru Group N car engineered specifically for the World Rally Championship or Asia Pacific Championship

* Includes blueprinted engine, full PWRC specification underbody protection and suspension package. Suitable for national and international level gravel rally competition

* Includes five speed, dog transmission with LSD and Motec centre differential controller

All vehicles feature motorsport-specific safety gear, including:

* FIA homologated roll cage made from 4130 chromoloy steel

* Multi-point, fully welded roll cage system with extensive chassis stiffening, side intrusion and roll over protection for the crew. HANS compatible. Note: Subaru will not fit or supply bolt in roll cages.

* FIA approved race seats with side head support. HANS compatible

Vehicles are being sold directly to customers and are available now. Ongoing parts supply will be available through STI retailers.

All enquiries: Philip Rodgers, Subaru Australia

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