Looking to claim the environmental high ground at the next megayacht owners potluck get together? Sauter Carbon Offset Design has unveiled what it calls “the world’s first carbon neutral megayacht,” and it could be just what you’re looking for. Harnessing energy from sustainable sources such as photovoltaic (PV) cells, power sailing kinetic energy regeneration and wingsails, the Super Nova 60 is capable of generating enough surplus energy to allow it to cruise carbon neutral for 7,000 nautical miles a year... and it can feed energy back into the grid while docked. Now you can enjoy cruising around the Mediterranean in luxury with an environmentally clear conscience.

Referring to the currently available green technology present in Super Nova, Richard Sauter Head of design at Sauter Carbon Offset Design commented, “Super Nova’s state of the art Green Technology demonstrates that Carbon Neutral Superyachts are not just a futuristic dream, but a present day fact of life destined to become a ubiquitous reality.”

Like the somewhat smaller DSe Hybrid, the Super Nova employs a range of technologies to achieve its green credentials. These include multiple Mercedes Benz BlueTec diesel electric drives providing 1,600kW of power that are supported by adjustable camber fully rotational wingsails, power sailing and wave motion energy regeneration, a 650 square meter solar cell array and a plug-in lithium ion storage system/uninterruptible power supply (UPS) rated at 1,000 Kwh.

These systems allow the Super Nova to achieve a 75 to 100 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when cruising at a speed of 18 knots. Additionally, cruising at an average speed of 8 knots and with the renewable power sources charging the 1,000Kwh lithium ion battery bank, the Super Nova boasts a virtually unlimited zero carbon cruising range.

Further contributing to the Super Nova’s efficiency are azimuth counter rotating contracted loaded tip (CLT) high torque propeller systems, wave piercing Catamaran hi-speed displacement hulls, aerodynamic PV deck spoilers and radar tower canopy, energy efficient equipment with waste heat recovery, and computerized energy management, maintenance and guidance systems.

And if you’re worried performance could take a hit with all this green technology, think again. The company says the Super Nova’s wave piercing hulls feature “self leveling sea keeping hydro & aerodynamic advances that will easily make her the fastest power sailing megayacht in the world.”

The Super Nova 60 measures 60m (197ft) long with a beam of 18m and a draft of 1m (3.3ft). It can accommodate 14 guests and a crew of 16. It weighs less than 125tons and has a sail area of over 1,200sq.m. The yacht boasts a cruising speed of 18kts and a maximum speed of over 22kts. When docked and plugged into shore power, the vessel is capable of feeding over 400Mwh’s of electricity back into the grid.

We contacted Richard at Sauter Carbon Offset Design who told us that if you and 50 of your (well-heeled) friends chipped in, it would cost you US$1 million each to purchase the yacht. That would mean you could enjoy the Super Nova 60 for one week a year or charter it for US$500,000 a week – apparently the going rate for a vessel of this type. As Richard points out, after a couple of years you'll have recouped the cost of your investment.

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