Supercharged Harley V-Rod to debut in Melbourne

Supercharged Harley V-Rod to debut in Melbourne
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February 26, 2005 A supercharged Harley-Davidson V-Rod will be a two-wheeled star among the four-wheeled majority at the 2005 Melbourne International Motor Show next week. The production-ready prototype is a collaboration between Vee Two Australia and Sprintex Superchargers and with only a few visual clues as to what lurks beneath the standard exterior, it's a real sleeper - with 140 horsepower.

The Vee Two Australia Harley-Davidson V-Rod will have its first public showing at the motor show, which opens at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre at 5pm on Thursday 3 March.

Vee Two Australia general manager Brook Henry said the V-Rod signalled a new direction for both partners. "While Vee Two is internationally recognized for its specialist work with 90 degree twin cylinder engines, particularly with performance parts for Ducatis, the collaboration with Sprintex Superchargers adds a new dimension to our performance motorcycle activites," he said.

"This bike gives us a serious foothold in the world of performance-tuned Harleys, and you will see more of these classic American machines from Vee Two in the future.

"The modern, liquid-cooled engine of the V-Rod offers tuning potential well beyond the traditional air-cooled engines, and that was part of the attraction for us in developing the supercharged version.

"Supercharging has lifted the power from the standard V-Rod's 115 horsepower to 140 horsepower, and provided the motorcycle with another dimension to its performance and touring capabilities.

"The Sprintex twin screw supercharger installation looks OEM factory-installed and is concealed under the standard tank cover which originally housed the airbox, requiring no alterations to the signature lines of the motorcycle."

View gallery - 7 images
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