Suzuki unveils radical mobility concepts

Suzuki unveils radical mobilit...
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Kisashi 2
Kisashi 2
Pixy + SSC
Pixy + SSC
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September 30, 2007 Suzuki has announced several radical prototype vehicles to be shown at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Remarkably, there will be a second generation Kizashi show car based on the machine shown at Frankfurt just three weeks ago. In addition, there’s an interesting sustainable mobility concept called the Pixy which houses another more personal electric vehicle concept known as the SSC. On top of that there’s a motorcycle modelled after an aircraft (Biplane), a fuel cell motorcycle (crosscage), a four-seater minivan with two power sliding doors (Palette) and a lifestyle utility vehicle known as the X-Head.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know – the press release is cryptically short and in Japanese and we can’t make much sense of it that we can turn into the Queen's english and keep a straight face. Using machine translation on the release hasn’t helped much, so if you're bi-lingual in English and Japanese, and want an interesting job in technology translation, drop us a line. Anyway, here’s what Google’s translator came up with after we fed in the Japanese press release:


The request that was included, you feel the enjoyment of the motorcycle in many people, would like to have having interest in the motorcycle " “the design proposition model which designates the joy of running by the motorcycle” as shape " is. You propose in order to have representing the common feeling which is felt from the vehicle where “, it designates the kind of image which is riding the airplane” as keyword, calls the motorcycle and the airplane and is different completely. Although it is the machine, the bosom which makes tenderness feel it forced and “the biplane” (bi- the plainness) designated modelling as design motif, it expressed the open impression of not being covered in the canopy. The engine has designed V type 4 cylinder engine in vertical ranging

Crosscage It is the fuel cell car which can do optimum power control by combining the air cooled fuel cell system and the advanced accumulator of simple small size light weight. Starting which fuel economy efficiency is fast low, the intelligent energy corporation of feature (England) make adopted the thing to fuel cell unit, in addition it was safe in the accumulator and the lithium ion electric battery whose environmental load is low was adopted. Not only not applying load, being simple in terrestrial environment, from the fact that it is small size lightweight, it has contributed to also the actualization of the sporty style which the sea bass seems.Low-speed portable tool “PIXY of one person riding ([pikushi])” with, uniting with this tool, automobile which makes movement as an automobile possible, is based on the sharing system type portable unit “SSC (the s s sea)” it depends lightly, it is easy to the person, concept of the new vehicle where " SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY ([sasuteinaburumobiritei]) “with you say is proposed. In 2007 May from the economic industrial ministry it was announced it is put out with the “next generation automobile fuel initiative”, it is the portable tool which produces the new city traffic where to also “the greatest in the world it paralleled easy car social” conception, possibility of new personal mobility and the sharing system is proposed.


“At the sidewalk and at the interior, the mobility which is easy to the person who makes the coexistence with the person possible " was designated as concept, the low-speed portable tool of one person riding. Be able to operate everyone easily, not only the person who rides the car due to the cooperation with the portable unit “of SSC” and so on, the joy the vehicle bringing to all people is offered.

SSC - sea bass sharing coach

Low-speed portable tool “PIXY” of one person riding boards, unites & connects and as an automobile possible is light portable unit of automobile which makes movement type. Joint usage (sharing) the portable unit which is done automobile which 2 can place “PIXY” unit “SSC” not only lightly, sport car unit “SSF” and boat unit “SSJ” and so on, in combination with to the scene of life, possibility of new personal mobility and the sharing system which various units are used properly is proposed.Kisashi 2

The stirring impression the top athlete having and, it adopted the expectation which becomes unknown overflows from inside as design expression the crossover sport wagon. You propose to the user of the wide layer where with the wide field such as the leisure from business, life is enjoyed actively. As for design two keywords, “dignity” and the “stirring impression” adopting the emotional silhouette which raises the satisfaction which uplift impression is owned to running for the axis. As for the 3.6LV type 6 cylinder engine of the sea bass maximum aerodynamic volume displacement not only strong acceleration feeling with the combination with 6 speeds AT, and at high speed regarding cruising, actualizing the running which exceeds class. In addition, you are inserting also the hybrid engine and the like which considers in environment in range of visionXhead

“X-HEAD” is " the cross utility vehicle " of the new genre which brings the various values which until recently are not. It has high running the whole distance characteristic, the “gym knee”, “the escudo”, it has high loading characteristic, DNA “of [kiyarii]” was succeeded, functional hopefulness was had. The naming, “X-HEAD” adjusting to the life style and sense of value of the person who rides, has meant the possibility this car which corresponds to various uses becoming unknown. Being possible to combine the carrier unit which is adjusted to life style 2 adults sleeps and can stay " the camper " and in the town coolly to ride it handles, " fashion " and so on, the person who rides " you play and stimulate heart and curiosity ". In addition, supposed the rescue rescue in various road circumstances " rescue " and so on, it is possible to answer also social mission, being tough, you propose the pleasant car.

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