When people are looking into buying an electric vehicle, they typically ask questions like "What sort of range does it get?", "How big is its battery?" or "How long does it take to charge?". They don't usually ask "How many guns does it have?". In the case of T3 Motion's new T3 Non-Lethal Response Vehicle (NLRV), however, that would be a legitimate inquiry. The three-wheeled stand-up EV is designed for police use in riots or violent protests, and it in fact has two semi-automatic launchers, capable of shooting non-lethal ammo at a rate of 700 rounds per minute.

The NLRV is based on the company's T3 Electric Stand-up Vehicle, which has been in use by police forces and security companies since 2006. While the basic T3 is intended more for straight-up transportation, however, the NLRV has some extra features that lend it more to use in confrontational situations.

For starters, there are the two compressed air-powered launchers. They will accept various types of non-lethal ammo, such as pepper balls, water balls, dye markers or rubber projectiles. Up to 10,000 rounds can be carried on the vehicle at once, and can all be fired on one charge of its high-capacity air tanks.

The NLRV additionally features a 40,000-lumen LED deterrent strobe light, along with a riot shield, P.A. system, and puncture-proof tires. It is also capable of recording video.

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