• Scientists have now sequenced the genome of the Mexican axolotl, and have identified a few key genes hidden amongst its extremely complex genetic blueprint that shed some light on its remarkable regeneration capabilities.
  • ​After eight years in development, the world’s largest amphibious plane has taken to the skies in China for its maiden flight. The AG600, codenamed Kunlong, comfortably spent one-hour flying at an altitude of 3,000 meters before safely landing back at the Jinwan Civil Aviation Airport in Zhuhai.
  • The French-designed Tringa boat won't solve every hardship of boat ownership, but it can eliminate the trailering, mooring and winterization headaches from the equation. Store this boat in your driveway and drive it directly down the street and over the beach into the water.
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    The pre-historic world was full of strange creatures. Now, palaeontologists have uncovered a bizarre new species of dinosaur that seems to blend together a swan, a penguin, a crocodile and a Velociraptor.
  • A memorable year, 2017 saw high-flying hydrofoils make a step down from boats to boards and bikes and new water toy debuts ranging from personal submarines fit for James Bond to underwater propulsion systems slapped on like a smartwatch. Here are our favorite water toys of the year.
  • ​Drones are often referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Well, a team at Johns Hopkins University has created a UAAV – an unmanned aerial-aquatic vehicle. Named after the creature that inspired it, the Flying Fish is capable of both fixed-wing aerial flight and underwater travel.
  • ​If you've been to the Caribbean, then chances are you've seen a Mini Moke. Built from 1964 to 1993, the diminutive open-top vehicle is still popular for use as a beach buggy. Now, French vehicle-design company Lazareth is offering a Moke replica that's amphibious.
  • Two years ago we first heard about the Splash Drone, a quadcopter that can land on the water to get underwater shots via a user-supplied GoPro camera. Well, the just-announced Splash Drone 3 features its own motor-stabilized 4K/25fps camera, along with improved flight control and propulsion systems.
  • ​China just just taken the wraps off what is the world's largest amphibious plane. Made by the state's aircraft maker, the AG600 is around the size of of a Boeing 737 and will be used to dowse forest fires and rescue people in danger offshore.
  • ​"There is one planet, and if we don't share it wisely, we will lose it." That's what Ebrahim Hemmatnia said before beginning a pedal-powered trip around the world. While his intention is to draw attention to how interconnected we all are, it's his mode of transport that's really turning heads.
  • The British Army has taken delivery of its first completely new cannon system in 50 years – and it loads sideways. This loading system on the new Cased Telescoped Cannon System is claimed to provide more firepower while saving space.
  • ​Not too long ago we heard about the Loon Copter, a land-based drone that can go into the water and "fly" beneath the surface. Well, scientists have now created something that's sort of the opposite. It's a drone that's based underwater, but that can make flights above the surface as needed.