Best of 2017

  • Residential architecture is going through an exciting time and this is reflected in the homes we've covered during the past 12 months. A floating off-grid luxury pad, a 3D-printed house, and a sustainable home that can be built in a few days all feature in our pick of the best houses of 2017.
  • Science
    2017 was a busy year for science. Researchers got new tools, doctors got new medicines, and tables were laid with new foods, the ultimate shut-ins got their first glimmer of freedom, and we learned who really will inherit the Earth. Let's look back at the highlights of this year in science.
  • Science
    New animal species are constantly turning up in the deep oceans, thick jungles, or even dusty museum store rooms. Here’s our favorite new additions to the Tree of Life in 2017, as well as a couple of “Lazarus” creatures that were believed extinct but rediscovered this year.
  • The sport of motorcycling feels like it's on shaky ground in 2017, with stale sales figures in the Western world and an aging demographic. But the bikes themselves have never been better. Here's our roundup of the two-wheeled toys that tickled our fancy in 2017.
  • Over the past 12 months, AI has beaten us at poker, Go, Pac-Man and Dota 2, marking 2017 as a milestone year in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It points towards a future where AI will essentially be able to do everything we can, but better.
  • Established camping trailer brands and startups continue to innovate creative mobile shelters loaded with luxuries. Whether your thing is connecting tourist attractions with highway miles or journeying beyond the outskirts of civilization, there's a new caravan out there for you.
  • 2017 was a great year to be a gamer. The Nintendo Switch turned out to be a hit, classic franchises like Zelda and Resident Evil got arguably their best iterations ever, and we were blown away by newcomers like Horizon: Zero Dawn. New Atlas runs through our top 10 games of 2017.
  • ​Conceptual architecture can be a lot of things. It can be a realistic skyscraper, or it can be an extreme unreal imagining seemingly straight out of a science fiction movie. We’ve seen a lot of strange, and extreme, architecture concepts in 2017 and this gallery celebrates those exciting dreamers.
  • After covering major international auto shows throughout 2017, we've seen a lot of concept cars. Our favorites of 2017 include past icons reinvented as vehicles of the future, electrifying ultra-premiums, hard-to-define segment-benders and utterly insane hypercars.
  • Smartphone cameras are getting so good these days that dedicated cameras need to offer something really special to get people to fork over for them – or bother to carry them around. Here's 7 cameras that blew us away in 2017.
  • Another year draws to a close, which means it's time to reflect on the 12 months that have gone by – and in this case the best mobile apps and games we've seen released for Android and iOS. From puzzle games to photo editors, these are the apps of 2017 you really should be trying out.
  • Looking for the ideal Christmas gift? Look further. Even if your digital pockets are bursting with Bitcoin, the following collection of outrageous items are likely beyond your reach.
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