Data Storage

  • ​Integrated storage on today's smartphones can quickly fill up thanks to the stills and video capabilities of their cameras. Storage anxiety is less of a concern with phones rocking a microSD, especially if you can pop in the latest capacious card from Integral when it goes on sale next month.​
  • A breakthrough in the field of molecular data storage was recently revealed proving that high volumes of data can effectively be stored in individual molecules. This research could lead to new, high-density data storage systems that potentially hold more than 25 terabytes​ of data per square inch.
  • Storing data on magnetic tape might seem antiquated, but it's still one of the most energy efficient and secure storage methods. Now, Sony and IBM Research have teamed up to break the areal density record for the medium, cramming 201 billion bits of uncompressed data into each square inch of tape.
  • HGST has unveiled the Ultrastar He12, its latest helium-based hard drive. Cramming 12 TB of storage space into the standard 3.5-in form factor, the new drive is also faster, more energy efficient and more stable, to help businesses and data centers manage ever-increasing loads of data.​
  • If you’re a long-time iPhone or iPad user, you’ve likely run into a storage problem at some point. ​Short of upgrading to a larger device, here are some tips and tricks to put that pesky “storage full” notification to rest.
  • SanDisk has a new memory card with more storage space than many computers. Parent company Western Digital announced a prototype one terabyte (TB) SDXC card at the Photokina trade fair in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday.
  • Science
    A team made up of researchers from Microsoft and the University of Washington has broken a new record for DNA data storage, managing to store and retrieve 200 MB of data on strands of DNA.
  • Japanese researchers have developed a device that can switch between insulating/non-magnet and metallic/magnet states simultaneously by electrochemical reaction at room temperature, with one potential application​ in flash storage that could double capacity.
  • WD's new My Passport Wireless Pro is designed to make it easier to back up and edit work when you're on the job, by wirelessly sharing images between Wi-Fi compatible-cameras, connected tablets and laptops, and the hard drive itself.
  • A technology called phase-change memory has emerged as a promising candidate for improved computer memory, and now IBM researchers have worked out how to triple the amount of data bits each cell can hold, edging the technology closer to a cost-effective, blistering fast storage solution.
  • Broadcast professionals recording UHD content need high capacity storage with fast data transfer speeds. Combining Thunderbolt 3 and the latest PCIe SSD technologies results in face-melting data throughput speeds – meet the new solid state drives from Sonnet and Akitio.
  • LaCie's latest hard drive, the 12big Thunderbolt 3, is designed to make life easier for professionals by offering blazingly fast transfer speeds and up to 96TB of storage.