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  • Boeing has released images of the world's largest fanjet engine being attached to the world's largest twin-engine aircraft. The photos show the still incomplete 777X in Boeing's Everett hangar with a General Electric GE9X engine fitted to the port wing.
  • The dawn of the jumbo age fades into history as the last 747-100 heads into retirement. The last flying example of the first Boeing 747 variant acted as a testbed for GE Aviation and earlier this month made its final flight to the Pima Air & Space Museum.
  • GE Aviation has given impetus to the revival of civilian supersonic flight by revealing a new family of engines designed to fly faster than the speed of sound. Called the Affinity, the new engine will be incorporated into Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet.
  • ​Last month, GE unveiled its plan to build the world's largest, most powerful offshore wind turbine, known as the Haliade-X. This Tuesday, it was announced that the rig will be tested and developed over the next five years, at the UK’s Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult research center.
  • The world's largest jet engine has taken flight for the first time in the skies over the Mojave Desert in California. On Tuesday, GE Aviation's GE9X powered into the air on the wing of the company's "Flying Test Bed."
  • The Oklahoma panhandle will soon be home to the largest wind farm in the United States, and the second largest in the world. GE Renewable Energy and Invenergy have announced the new 2,000-MW facility will be built over the next few years as part of the Wind Catcher Energy Connection project.
  • GE has announced its plans to build the world’s largest laser-powder additive manufacturing machine. The device, which will be developed through a new branch of the company called GE Additive, uses a laser to mold metal powders and will be able to build parts measuring up to 1 cubic meter.
  • Amazon's Alexa has already found its way into a variety of products, and given its adaptability, it was only a matter of time before a light was added to the list. The C by GE Sol was teased last year, but the production version has now been unveiled sporting a slightly more slender design.
  • Last year, ORNL scientists revealed they were working on ultrasonic clothes drying technology. At the time, they said they planned to implement the technology in a press dryer and a clothes dryer drum. A new video shows they've been true to their word.
  • Flame stacks are relatively simple structures, but inspecting them is anything but. It's so costly and time consuming that GE is looking at ways to use drones to inspect fire stacks and other components in real time without the need to shut down production.
  • The first offshore wind farm in the US has begun generating electricity about 3 miles off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island. The facility has a capacity of 30 MW and is expected to produce around 125,000 MWh of electricity annually.
  • It wasn't long after Amazon introduced Echo that it became clear the company was interested in more than just selling the device. Alexa has since found its way into other devices – now including a lamp.
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