Geneva Motor Show 2017

  • Porsche made a lot of people angry when it launched the last 911 GT3. It was more powerful, better looking and much, much faster than the car it replaced, but there was no manual gearbox option. Along with an all-new engine, the stick-shift is now back to placate the purists.
  • Having whet our appetites with details of a scalding lap of the Nurburgring, Lamborghini has unveiled the Huracan Performante ​at the Geneva Motor Show. It's lighter and more powerful than the base car, but the biggest gains have been made in the dark art of aero.
  • After hosting 2016 debuts of supercars like the Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera, we thought the Geneva Motor Show might take a quiet step back this year. We were wrong. The odd, the stunningly beautiful, the ridiculously overpowered ... Geneva is once again hosting exotic cars of all kinds.
  • Vanda Electrics has delivered on last year's promise, revealing its extraordinary Dendrobium electric supercar in Geneva. And while it’s taken a step back from the space-age concept renders and astronomical performance figures we were given a year ago, it’s still a super-exotic looking machine.
  • For its latest supercar, Pininfarina has enlisted Emerson Fittipaldi​, one of the most well-known Formula racers of all time​. In the EF7 Vision Gran Turismo, Fittipaldi has designed his dream track car, and the street-legal EF7 will enter limited production soon.
  • Tasked with replacing the Veyron, Bugatti pulled out all the stops and created the Chiron. Not only is it fast the company says it should handle better than its predecessor and, to our eyes, it looks better as well. But it doesn't float. Thankfully, that's where the Bugatti Niniette 66 steps in.
  • A new 2018 Infiniti Q50 sedan was unwrapped at the Geneva Motor show, showcasing a new shift for the luxury automaker. The 2018 Q50 has two body styles, four trim points, and a new suite of driver support tech. These refreshes to the lux sedan are a claimed "glimpse into the future" of Infiniti.
  • The last Audi RS 5 was fearsomely fast, but never managed to engage or excite like the BMW M4 and AMG C63, preferring straight lines to sinewy mountain passes. The fresh RS 5 is designed to appeal to the more laid back driver with a new, more clearly defined focus on grand touring.
  • Renault was one of the early players in the electric car game, but it hasn't joined Tesla in harnessing battery power for crazy performance. It might not beat a Model S off the line, but the company's Zoe e-Sport Concept does inject a dose of fun into an otherwise bland line of electric cars.
  • Three years ago, Toyota dipped its toes into electric personal mobility with a three-wheeled, tilting two-seater concept called the i-Road. The company has now added extra passenger space and another wheel for a low speed urban runabout it's calling the i-Tril Concept.
  • Mercedes-AMG built its reputation for developing sleek, sexy performance coupes with the SLS AMG and GT lines. Now it's ready to try its hand at developing a four-door, and using the AMG GT Concept on display in Geneva as an indication, it'll have no problem keeping styling taut and sporty.
  • Hyundai Motor has unveiled the FE Fuel Cell Concept at the Geneva Motor Show as its next-generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai says that the FE Fuel Cell Concept is the next step towards its zero emission Hydrogen Energy Society goal.
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