• ​If you're a member of a rowing team, it's not just your stroke that's important, but also how well you coordinate that stroke with those of your team-mates. With that in mind, Idaho-based rowers Mike Schaefer and John Balint invented the connected and collaborative Stroke Master rowing machine.
  • ​We've already seen haptic devices that let you "feel the music," although they've typically just delivered bass vibrations to a particular part of the body. BodyRocks is a little different, in that uses individual "stones" to put a full frequency of vibes wherever users want.
  • Bosch has been working on haptic throttle pedals that give forced feedback or vibrate to indicate activity that is not conducive to good fuel economy. Now Bosch has attached a fuel-savings number to the technology.​
  • Tesla Studios recently announced that it has developed a full-body suit that will give the wearer a sensory experience to match the visual experiences now available through virtual reality headsets. Called the Teslasuit, it relies on neuro-muscular electrical stimulation technology.
  • Miami startup Next Galaxy is turning to crowdfunding to finance Ceekars 4D. The smart headphones are designed to bring a new level of immersion to virtual reality, gaming and other media through haptic feedback and a more immersive sound technology.