• Roland has announced the AX-Edge keytar that looks destined for big hair stadium rockers.​ The instrument offers stand-up players over 500 tones, sonic tweaking through an app, a built-in vocoder and interchangeable edge trims that can alter the look of the blade-shaped keytar.
  • Science
    ​While there are already portable keyboards that can be rolled up, we know how it is … sometimes you just want to crumple the thing up and jam it in your pocket. Well, new technology developed by South Korean scientists will allow you to do just that – plus the keyboards should be cheap, too.
  • On May 19, music lovers and collectors will get their chance to snag a treasure trove of memorabilia linked to rock and pop icons. Among many items of clothing, handwritten song lyrics and instruments once owned by rock's greatest stars is an gem of a find that's not been seen in public since 1965.
  • Veteran US gaming hardware maker Mad Catz closed its doors at the end of March 2017 and looked to be heading for the history books. But now the brand is back, and will be showing off its first new peripherals at CES 2018.
  • Touch typing on the flat surface of a smart device can be somewhat challenging. Zack Dennis came to the rescue in 2012 with a chorded keyboard concept called ASETNIOP. Now that keying system has launched for iOS and Android tablets.​​
  • It may be best known for the iconic hand-wired amplifiers and shapely guitars, but Vox Amps started out as a keyboard manufacturer. In the early 1960s, an instantly-recognizable combo organ affectionately known as the Connie was released. Now, a new and improved Vox Continental has been unleashed.
  • Logitech has launched the Craft wireless keyboard at IFA 2017 in Berlin. Aimed at digital designers and creative pros, the peripheral features a touch-enabled multifunction dial that shortcuts to context-specific tools in software running on a PC or Mac.
  • Microsoft has unveiled a nifty new keyboard with a clever little security measure built into it. One of its keys is not like the others, instead housing a fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock a computer. The Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID also packs in some other nice features.
  • British digital instrument maker Roli has announced a new addition to it Blocks modular instrument studio. The Seaboard Block kind of bridges the gap between its spongy keyboards and its modular music setup, while also making keywave expression available to players on a budget.
  • ​A company called Lofree is betting that people will want to use a keyboard that closely mimics the feel of a typewriter. Based on the runaway success of its current Indiegogo campaign, that bet seems sound. But after getting our fingers on one, we're not so sure we feel the same.
  • ​On cold days at the computer, we can rug up in sweaters or blankets, but by design our hands need to be free to bang away at the keyboard. The Envavo Heatbuff is a small heater that sits just above your keyboard and warms your hands, apparently without heating up your keyboard or the unit itself.
  • Aliaksei Zholner has crafted a functioning pipe organ made from paper, which gets its air supply from a balloon attached to its side.​ When a key is pressed the valve is released and the air shoots up the tuned pipe to sound the musical note.