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  • Maybe it isn't fair to compare Samsung's 2015 flagships to LG's big mid-2014 phone. But since some of the G3's specs were ahead of its time last year, let's see how it fares against the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.
  • Samsung was the first big mobile company to stamp its name on the budding virtual reality craze, by teaming up with Oculus for the Gear VR. Now LG is using Google Cardboard to launch a G3-compatible VR headset of its own – and it isn't going to cost a penny for new G3 buyers.
  • The original LG G Flex was like a curved version of LG's enormous G Pro 2 phablet. But with the G Flex 2, LG appears to be modeling it more off of its G3 flagship. Let's line up the two and compare their features and specs.
  • We've seen so many great smartphones this year, it isn't easy to pick just one. Let Gizmag try to help with your decision, as we compare the features and specs of some of the best smartphones of 2014.
  • The LG G3 and Moto X (2014) are two of the year’s top high-end handsets, but how do they compare to each other? Read on as Gizmag highlights all of the key difference between the two Android flagships.
  • Not long ago, Samsung's Galaxy Notes were the only phablets worth paying attention to. But with super-sized phones becoming more and more common, the Note series has more competition than ever. Let's see how Samsung's latest, the Galaxy Note 4, stacks up next to one of its biggest rivals, the LG G3.
  • The LG G3 Stylus might share a name with its flagship sibling, but there are some significant difference between the two handsets. While the device holds on to some of the features of the high-end device, its internals – most notably its display – are a different story.
  • The LG G3 is a beast of a phone (or, if you prefer, "phablet"). If you've picked up LG's latest flagship, perhaps you're looking for some tips and tweaks that will help you to get the most out of your purchase? Let Gizmag lend a hand.
  • You aren't likely to find two high-end smartphones with less in common than the iPhone 5s and LG G3. Though we're only weeks away from a new iPhone, let's take the 5s' last moments in the sun to see how it compares to the G3.
  • Both the HTC One (M8) and LG G3 are top-tier Android handsets with a lot to recommend them. Read on as Gizmag takes a hands-on look at the two smartphones, highlighting the key differences between them.
  • LG might fly under the radar a bit more than its Korean rival, Samsung, but the company has still churned out some good mobile devices through the years. How does LG's best smartphone to date, the LG G3, compare to Samsung's 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5? Read on, for Gizmag's quick hands-on look.
  • Like it or not, the word phablet is here to stay – and so are the supersized smartphones that it describes. Though the category was once synonymous with the Galaxy Note, there are now enough competing phablets to make your decision difficult. Let's compare the best phablets you can buy today.
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