Samsung was the first big mobile company to stamp its name on the budding virtual reality craze, by teaming up with Oculus for the Gear VR. Now LG is using the developer-focused Google Cardboard platform to launch a G3-compatible VR headset of its own – and it isn't going to cost a penny to new G3 buyers (at least in select markets).

The VR for G3 headset uses the blueprint for Google Cardboard – meaning it will be fully compatible with the Play Store's small but growing list of Cardboard games and experiences. But, like a few other consumer-focused Cardboard headsets, the VR for G3 will be made of plastic, with no assembly required. Just slide in the LG G3 smartphone and enjoy some early-days virtual reality.

LG describes the headset as leveraging the G3's back-facing buttons for volume control – enabling a simpler design (the Gear VR has its own volume controls, since the Note 4 has traditional side buttons). The VR for G3 headset also has a Cardboard-standard neodymium ring magnet to work with the G3's magnetic gyroscope sensor, acting as a mini-controller for select VR apps.

LG describes the VR for G3 headset as "free" with the LG G3, as part of a promotion for G3 buyers in select markets. We still aren't completely clear on how widespread this promotion will be, or if the headset will also be sold separately for current G3 owners. We reached out to LG and will update when we hear back.

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